Nose Gear Damper Upgrade for SW owners

On CTLS aircraft, the metal spring damper in the nose gear assembly was replaced by a polyurethane element. What it does is reduce re-bound after a drop in on the nose wheel. It also stops the nose wheel suspension from bottoming out (going clunk). It is standard on the LS and was drop tested and certified.

Flight Design is offering for free to existing CTSW in the USA the parts to complete an optional upgrade to the urethane damper as a thank you for their business and support. (It does not address a safety issue and therefore is not mandatory).

The parts may be obtained free from Flight Design USA with the owner paying for the shipping ($ 12.00 via UPS).

The owner will also be responsible for the labor costs of installation. We recommend having it done during scheduled maintenance at a Flight Design Service Center.

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