Flight Design Service Saved the Trip

Most light sport aircraft don’t travel very far from home. However the CT series from Flight Design have top allowed LSA speeds, seat comfort for all size pilots and scenic visibility all of which  lead owners to fly on long cross countries as a matter of course.   Even with the largest installed base of aircraft and a solid network of Service Centers, sometimes a landing at one of the USA’s 14,951 airports or even on one of the 5000 paved airports there may not be a mechanic available.

At Oshkosh/AirVenture 2012 Henry Bertoni, a CTsw owner stopped by the booth Monday after bending his landing gear and within 3 days we had the parts over-nighted and dispatched some of our service technicians  as well as our dealer in the area for the fix, In Henry’s words:

A very botched landing left me with a bent landing gear in a small, unmanned airport in Wisconsin.  I was angry with myself, and felt isolated.  Fortunately, a Flight Design repair crew was only a couple of hours away.  They were truly concerned with my entire flying experience, and arrange timely repairs.  Because of them, I was not stranded after all, and was able to fly home.

Henry Bertoni


Tire similar to Henry's

Mechanics Looking at a CTLS tire



This image is of a repair for a flat tire undertaken at North Dakota during a flight into -12 degree F testing during the winter of 2011.

Kent Johnson of Stanton Sport Aviation oversaw repairs and was also on the repair team for Henry.

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