Service Bulletins BRS, Dynon, Rotax and Revisions

Flight Design has released a Service Bulletin affecting all of its CT-series aircraft.  The bulletin requires inspection of the BRS hatch installation and can be found on the Flight Design Service Bulletin page.

Flight Design has just released a Service Bulletin for the inspection the BRS handle bracket for the absence of cracks in the bend radius at the base plate.

is applicable to all CTSW, CTSW-LSA and CT Supralight with Airframe Emergency Parachute System BRS 1050 and 1350 installed, from S/N 05-01-01 / D-05-01-01 and E-09-02-11 without country limitation.

periodic inspection of float buoyancy for 912/914 equipped CTLS/CTsw and MC aircraft



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