The Flight Design Team has an optional Amphibious float kit for CTLS aircraft.

Clamar’s 1400 float series allows the CTLS to takeoff with a water run of only 15-20 seconds at full gross weight. Recent improvements in the floats have been made.

The CTLS Floatplane cruises at 100 knots where the wheeled model achieves 115 knots. Airtime Aviation, Flight Design Distributor,  is the US installer for the option.

Useful load for the CTLS-Club with the amphibious floats is 500 pounds.

The Clamar floats match the structure and the feel of the Flight Design planes,  Pricing includeds a the prop exchange if required.

Owners who already own a CTLS may add the Clamar floats to existing CTLS aircraft.

Call Airtime Aviation 918-625-5442918-625-5442

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