With the ‘best in the Business’ Warranty on the Flight Design CTLS  now is the time to make a move to a new trainer with a proven history and a promising future with the C4.

Flight Design is the leader in LSA with over 350 aircraft in the US

Features & Benefits for Flight Training Environment:

  • You get to fly a third generation, high end, modern, safe, sophisticated, all glass, multi fuel and cost-efficient Flight Design aircraft that is also perfectly suited for a spot in your rental fleet for comfortable, long cross-country travel by more advanced pilots.
  • Be secure with Flight Design’s exclusive standard XP Warranty which extends full tip-to-tail protection for 3 years on the engine (standard 200 hour limit increased to 500 hours), avionics, propeller and components and for an even longer 5 years on all structural components. Best in the LSA business.
  • Take advantage of  special discounts  on new Flight Design aircraft purchases made for your school; even when the purchaser is a third party who leases the aircraft back to your school!
  • Add extra profit to your business with rewarding Commissions on sales of all new Flight Design aircraft you enable
  • Access to a Nationwide support network of Flight Design qualified, experienced and well-trained engine and airframe mechanics
  • Utilize Flight Design’s worldwide company resources with an active owners organization experienced in keeping 1700 airplanes in operation
  • Extra support for pilot center marketing, high availability modern web-based tools for business growth
  • A Flight Design Syllabus and NEW revised AOI to make new aircraft transitions better and smoother.
  • High customer appeal and a superb training and rental aircraft combine to produce low break-even hours per month and easily achieved positive cash flows with real profits.
  • Flight Design’s Flight transition syllabus saves your transitioning customers 10% on insurance.
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