In order to continue to provide our customers with the best parts availability, we sometimes recommend getting certain parts from outside vendors.  We do not carry these parts as they are readily available.  Please call to inform us of any issues finding these parts.

Tires and tubes: All tires and tubes, with the exception of the CTSW 4.00-4 nose, can be purchased from Desser Tire and Rubber.  Some parts are not listed on their website, so please call them to order.

Tire: 4.00-6 6 ply Aero Classic

Tube: Aero Classic Leak-Guard (P/N DTR-20-300)

Tire (tundra): 6.00-6 6 ply Air Trac

Tube (tundra): Aero Classic Leak-Guard (P/N GL-6020B)

The 4.00-4 CTSW nose tire and tube can be purchased from Wings and Wheels.

Engine and airframe 5-year rubber change: We do carry all fuel hose for the CT series.  They are metric hoses in three sizes: 5.5mm, 7.5mm, and 9.5mm.  For all other hoses and rubber change parts, we recommend purchase from a Rotax distributor.  We do also recommend Aeroquip FC332-08 socketless hose for the oil system.  We recommend the use of Band-It JS2419 clamps for most hose connections.  Both the oil hose and clamps can be purchased from Hose Warehouse.

CTLS Fuel Cap: Found at Aircraft Spruce under P/N 05-22312.  The o-ring kit is P/N 05-02611.

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