There are three types of Safety Directives:

Service Notification: Are primarily for distribution of continued airworthiness or maintenance information.
Service Bulletin: For notifications that do not require immediate action but will require some future action.
Safety Alert: For notifications that require immediate action.

Note: Flight Design does not use notices of corrective action (Safety Directives) to promote, or make mandatory, non-safety of flight related equipment upgrades or additions.

Please use this link for the official Safety Alerts, Service Bulletins and Notifications for your ASTM certified Flight Design Aircraft:    Flight Design support page

Also see this revised version of the service bulletin for equipment manufacturer bulletins: SB-ASTM-___-99

Use the drop-down menus to select your aircraft model (CT2K, CTSW, CTLS, MC), and select ASTM for US registered aircraft in the drop down menu.   

CTLS(i) – The current production FD composite Light Sport Aircraft imported in the USA first introduced in 2008.

CTSW – The legacy Flight Design composite Light Sport Aircraft last imported and sold in late 2007-2008

CT2K – The original composite aircraft imported in small numbers circa 2004

MC – A metal Light sport Aircraft made by Flight Design. Series production started in 2010.

Originally, Part 91.327 of the regulations required owners or operators to comply with safety directives, but there was no provision in place for recording and tracking compliance. Be advised that recording of the safety directives was revised and instituted in March 2010. This change now requires  the status of all safety directives be recorded and to require aircraft owners or operators to retain a record of the current status of applicable safety directives for special light-sport aircraft.

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