The CT-Super and Super Injection are the new high performance versions  the Flight Design CT, one of the most
popular and innovative light aircraft in the world. The Super comes equipped with a single 10″ Dynon D1000
EFIS/MFD with Synthetic vision, Dynon com and Transponder, ADS-B Out, Ballistic Parachute System
and everything you want for Day-VFR flight. Options include Night Flight and Autopilot w/Level button.
The CT-Super has the same excellent visibility, spacious cabin, fuel capacity, safety systems and class leading
flight performance as other CT aircraft. The structurally efficient  design of the Super and choosing only the
lightest and most cost effective equipment available, the CT Super can be delivered with a 710 pounds empty
weight. The weight reduction was accomplished by using simplified avionics, equipment and some lighter
parts from the European version of the CT.

The airplane is available now for ordering.



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