Flight Design USA has parts in stock!

Our parts manuals are available for download on this page: http://flightdesignusa.com/support/resources/

Note: We do not carry Rotax specific parts.  Please contact your nearest Rotax distributor for genuine Rotax parts.

Steps to order parts:

1. For parts inquiries, please locate the part number in the applicable manual.  The CTLS parts manual was made as a supplement to the CTSW manual.  If you have a CTLS and cannot find your part in the CTLS manual, then it may be in the CTSW manual.

2. When you make your request to us, please specify the model and serial number of your aircraft.  If you cannot find part numbers, please describe the part.  You may send an e-mail to parts@flyct.com or call us at 860-963-7272.

3. We will verify the part number and price (and lead time, when applicable) for you.

*Note – For parts we do not have in stock, we can special order directly from Flight Design.  Lead times vary depending on their current stock.

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