The Flight Design CTLSi is the latest version of the CT optimized for the Light Sport Aircraft rules of the United States and is shipped with the new 912Si Sport fuel injected Rotax engine. Flight Design has integrated this latest engine into the popular CTLS and given it the designator “i”.

* 100-hp Rotax 912iS with fuel injection -Efficiency and responsiveness

*  2000 hour TBO / Auto fuel or Avgas – Long life and Low  hourly cost

* Max speed 120 kts / 974 NM range – Travel effectively

* Dynon SkyView *W/synthetic vision – Confident Navigation and Safety

* Autopilot * Garmin GTR 225 & 796 – Smooth and easy to use

* BRS 1350 HS parachute system std. – Safety proven to work  for over 25 years 

* LED landing, strobe and position lights – See and Be seen

* Optional ADS-B and interior upgrades  - 

* Special Americas exterior design

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The CTLS-Club is a lighter and simpler version of the CTLS. Great for flight training and floats, the CTLS-Club comes equipped with a single Dynon D-700 EFIS with Synthetic vision, UMA Gauges, Garmin com and Transponder, Garmin AERA 510 GPS with XM Weather, Ballistic Parachute System and everything you want for Day-VFR flight.

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Flight Design development of the C4 continues with engineering of the engine installation, avionics selection and certification plan to meet an aggressive development schedule.  Due to other high priorities in 2011 and early 2012, such as attaining EASA (R)TC certification for the CTLS and introducing the new fuel-injected Rotax 912 iS engine on our new CTLSi model, which included a substantial redesign of the fuel system, the C4 program has not moved ahead quite as quickly as we originally planned.

Development of SAFETY CELL.

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