In order to continue to provide our customers with the best parts availability, we sometimes recommend getting certain parts from outside vendors.  We do not carry these parts as they are readily available.  Please call to inform us of any issues finding these parts.

Any engine related parts should be purchased from a Rotax distributor. With the exception of:
-Radiator shock mounts
-Exhaust system components
-Engine shock mounts
-Fuel hose
-CTSW carburetor drip trays
(We supply the above items)
-Air filters (CTSW filter is a Mann C2039, CTLS is a K&N RU-0810)

Tape for sealing gaps: We simply use white vinyl tape, especially around the wings since they are removed every two years for inspection.

-1″ wide: link
-2″ wide: link

Batteries: Our aircraft use one of three batteries. Always verify which battery you have before purchasing a replacement.

-Standard AGM (non lithium): Odyssey PC-310. Available online (use a search engine).
-Original lithium battery used in most lithium-equipped planes: Super B 10P. Also available online.
-New lithium battery (equipped in newer planes): EarthX ETX680C
-For owners that would like to upgrade their AGM or Super B lithium batteries to EarthX, an MRA will be required. See this page for more information. There is a fee for the MRA of $75 (subject to change without notice). Aside from the battery, another required part will be the battery box.

Tires and tubes: All tires and tubes can be purchased from Desser Tire and Rubber.  If you cannot find the tires by part number on their website, please call them to order.

CTSW nose (non-tundra):
Tire: 4.00-4 8 ply (LINK)
Tube: 10×3.5-4 (P/N DTR20-201)

CTSW and CTLS main (non-tundra) and
CTSW nose (tundra):
Tire: 4.00-6 6 ply (P/N DTR1280)
Tube: 13×5.00-6 (P/N GL-4087B)

CTSW and CTLS main (tundra):
Tire: 6.00-6 6 ply (P/N 30620)
Tube: 6.00-6 (P/N GL-60879B)

Engine and airframe 5-year rubber change: We carry all fuel hose for the CT series.  They are metric hoses in three sizes: 5.5mm, 7.5mm, and 9.5mm.  For all other hoses and rubber change parts, we recommend purchase from a Rotax distributor.  We also recommend Aeroquip FC332-08 socketless hose for the oil system.  We recommend the use of Band-It JS2419 clamps for most hose connections.  Both the oil hose and clamps can be purchased from Hose Warehouse.

CTLS Fuel Cap: Found at Aircraft Spruce under P/N 05-22312.  The o-ring kit is P/N 05-02611.

Other parts:
-Gascolator for CTSW and CTLS carbureted: ACS Homebuilders P/N 10580
-Gascolator bowl seal for above: P/N 10536-1
-Screen for above gascolator: P/N 10543-2
-Gascolator bowl: P/N 10544
-Gascolator drain: P/N CCA-1550
-CTLSi header tank drain: P/N CAV-110H4
-Aileron and flap bearings are IGUS EGLM-08. Available at Please note that the bearings are installed with an aluminum sleeve which is not included with the IGUS bearings. It must be removed from the old bearing and installed in the new one.
-Cowling Camloc fasteners: measure the ones which were removed to make sure you have the correct length (length chart at bottom of webpage), also make sure you are selecting “Cad Plated Phillips” –

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