The BRS parachute is a standard feature in all CT and F series aircraft. It is not an optional component and must be maintained in accordance with BRS requirements. This means a repack is required every 6 years. Replacement of the rocket is required every 12 years. If you are unsure of when your repack or rocket replacement is due, there are decals on each unit stating “Do not use after…” followed by a date.

The aircraft cannot be flown with the parachute removed, except for a specially authorized ferry flight to a location in order to reinstall the parachute. An MRA must be obtained for this. Please contact to arrange the MRA.

BRS removal and installation must be conducted only by a certified technician. This includes an LSRM, A&P, or FAA certified repair station. The owner/operator is not authorized to conduct this maintenance. BRS and Flight Design instructions must be followed.

For information on what and where to send your parachute for repack, visit the BRS repack center page at 

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