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The 10″ Dynon SkyView SVS (Synthetic Vision System) upgrade package shipping in new Flight CTLS aircraft offers a major advance in electronic flight displays for the VFR pilot, showing terrain, real time traffic and even runways at a surprisingly affordable price. “The SkyView package on new CTLS’ is something that offers a lot more than even the great Dynon EFIS systems found on most of our aircraft, says Flight Design President Tom Peghiny”. “The big 10” screens are easy to read, easy to use and the standard virtual terrain modeling gives you unprecedented situational awareness at nighttime or under marginal VFR conditions”. The most recent change allows the addition of  ADS B traffic to be displayed as well.

The addition of the new Dynon autopilot adds to the functionality. This smooth autopilot is integrated into the SkyView panel. Adding the Dynon Transponder gives the SkyView TIS traffic and a nicely integrated display. We just flew one and the ease of use along with the smooth operation makes this a solid choice for the CTLS.

The SkyView has been shipping on new Flight Design aircraft for the past two years as pCTLS SkyViewart of the advanced instrument panel package. Continuous software upgrades by Dynon have  increased the features and improved the functionality of the SVS system.  The new two-tone interior of the latest Flight Design aircraft along with the excellent visibility of the CTLS, make this a cockpit you will want to share.

The integration of real time traffic, synthetic vision technology and XM weather increase safety and decrease pilot workload.  This is truly the use of advanced technology making things easier and not harder!

Call or stop by your nearest Flight Design dealer to see one or put one on order today!

The enhanced handling of the CTLS for cross country flying and the ease of use of the Dynon SkyView SVS system, make this a great avionics combination for FBOs that want rental revenue from cross country use or the discerning individual who simply wants the best.

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