Four Place Certified Plane price set at $250,000

Competitive Pricing in US Dollars and Euros Plus True 4-Seat Performance

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, GERMANY / 4 May 2011 — After the recent successful launch of their new four seat C4, Flight Design identified how their fresh all carbon speedster will soundly alter the market by combining true four adult cabin room and performance with a price point offering exceptional value… a winning combination simply not available in any other aircraft today.

Unlike most new general aviation designs of recent decades, Flight Design’s C4 comes to market with a global view. Customers from throughout the world will be able to choose from two engine options to best suit fuel availability and cost in their areas — an a traditional aviation engine capable of running on auto fuel, or a turbo diesel engine economically operating on widely available Jet A fuel. And, as the world trades in multiple currencies, C4 is strategically priced both in European Union euros and U.S. dollars, reflecting market-based pricing in these two primary selling areas for the new aircraft.

The company’s C4 received a rousing welcome when it was introduced last month at Aero 2011 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.  “We are offering ground-breaking value for a very well-equipped C4, at the time of delivery in 2013, at a target price of US $250,000 for the American market and €220.000 for Europe and the rest of the world outside the U.S.,” explained John Doman, Director of Business Development, Global Sales & Marketing for Flight Design.

Flight Design plans to announce their engine and avionics selections for the C4 as suppliers are confirmed. “During Aero, meetings were held with prospective suppliers of engines, avionics, propellers and other components for the C4, with final selection of our supply partners to be announced by EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in July of 2011,” Doman stated. More than 30 C4 orders were taken at the Aero event as part of the special “Early Bird” C4 incentive order program. New “Early Bird” orders and deposits are now being accepted online and via credit card at or via Flight Design’s worldwide network of dealers

Subject to flight test confirmation C4 design specifications are impressive:  Employing high-tech materials like carbon fiber, useful load is 600 kilograms (1,320 pounds) or 50% of maximum take-off weight of 1.200 kilograms (2,640 pounds); max cruise speed is projected at 160 knots (184 mph) @ 6,000 feet MSL. Range is 1,200 nautical miles with the avgas powerplant at 65% power and 1,700 nautical miles with the diesel engine at 55% power. Fuel tanks hold 265 liters (70 U.S. gallons).

Another plus to the new design comes in cockpit dimensions. A spacious cabin goes beyond many general aviation aircraft with:  1,32 meters (52 inches) of cabin width in front or 1,20 meters (47 inches) for rear seat occupants; both numbers are significantly wider than most GA aircraft on the market today. “We have had people taller than 2 meters (6 feet, 7 inches) in the back seat,” observed Doman.

“We want to offer the market a modern technology, price-efficient aircraft that performs well, is comfortable for longer flights, and which operates with less fuel expense,” explained Matthias Betsch, CEO of Flight Design. “Our ongoing customer surveying shows us that price tops the demand list from customers and we believe our prices can result in sales volumes of 200 to 500 aircraft per year.” To participate in the online survey regarding design features of C4, go to All participants will be entered into a drawing for a Garmin aera 500 GPS as a grand prize.

Flight Design plans to certify the C4 to several international standards ensuring compliance with both EASA and FAA regulations. “At the same time we intend to expand our capability in global service and support, further enhancing our leadership in these areas,” said Betsch. The German company has already passed several examinations including a LAMA audit, ISO audit, and a review by TÜV. Recently the company gained EASA Design Organization Approval that permits Flight Design to progress on their own schedule with only oversight monitoring from EASA, eliminating costly and time-consuming delays.

Flight Design is a 24-year-old air-sport products producer based in Germany. The company remains the worldwide market leader thanks to its well-received CT series of light aircraft. More than 1,700 of these aircraft are flying in 39 countries. One of the first aircraft certified under ASTM International standards in 2005, the CT (“composite technology”) remains the top-selling LSA in America through six consecutive years. Flight Design sold the first LSA to India and was the first LSA to earn Chinese Type Design Approval. Three times a CT has been flown around the world.

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FLIGHT DESIGN CONTACT:  John Gilmore, national sales manager of Flight Design USA at 612-759-2252 (email: or Flight Design USA in Connecticut at 860-963-7272

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