CTLS Dynon Skyview Update From 6.2 to 11.1 Now Available

Dynon is no longer supporting software version 6.2, which is the previous version available from Flight Design.  Flight Design has now released an official update to the Dynon Skyview which brings us to 11.1.

Instructions for download:

1. Follow the download link below.  This will bring you to the Flight Design download page.

2. In the folder tree, navigate to your file by clicking on the folder names which are applicable to your aircraft and download the appropriate file.

*Note: There are four options for avionics listed.  They are the Garmin GNC 255A, GTR 225, Dynon 261 transponder, and Garmin GTX330 transponder.  If you have a component which is not listed, you may download any file.  However, if you have one, but not the other component, you may only download one of the two files which has your component.  For example, if you have an SL30 or SL40 with a GTX327, you may download any file and it will not affect the function; but if you have an SL30 or SL40 and a Dynon 261, you must download either of the files with a Dynon 261.

3. You must unzip the file in order to load it onto the Dynon.  Detailed instructions are on the download page.

If you have any questions, please e-mail topservice@flightdesignusa.com

Here is the download link: http://flightdesign.com/wordpress/?page_id=4524

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